Jaap Eden IJsbaan, Radioweg 64, 1098 NJ Amsterdam


Schaatsen Noorderlicht will take place from 21.00 hour until 23.10 hour.


Februari 8, 2019


Schaatsen Noorderlicht is a collaboration between Sjoerd de Vries, Bram Smallenbroek and Jaap Eden IJsbaan

Passionate About Skating

It is our second national sport. The focus of skating is often competitive, surpassing its intrinsic beauty. For us, however, ice skating represents a never-ending dance. Therefore we want to celebrate it in all its glory!

Lighting up the skating movement

Creating a magical night on the ice. Where ice skaters will be entranced by the skating movement, transcendent music and the Aurora Borealis in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Jaap Eden Amsterdam

The Jaap Eden baan in Amsterdam: a 400-meter artificial ice track, located in the citycentre of Amsterdam. The Jaap Eden rink has a rich speed skating history and it continues to be widely used by the speed skating community today. It is the only outdoor 400-meter ice track in the Netherlands.


The evening program of Schaatsen Noorderlicht on Friday March 8, 2019.

  • 21.00 hour opening and count-down.
  • 21.10  hour start light show Noorderlicht
  • 23.10  hour the end

Ice time from 21.00 hour until 23.10 hour.

Café Jaap is open during Schaatsen Noorderlicht.

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